A New Mission…the Same Heart and Vision

Following months of research and pro bono assistance from Compass(x) Strategy, a brand strategy firm in Chicago, New Moms is thrilled to release our new mission statement to our community of stakeholders this fall.

Mission statements are living, evolving expressions of the work you do in an organization, and New Moms retooled our mission statement to better communicate the scope and essence of the services and support we provide for young mothers and their children today.
Our new mission statement continues to lift up the same heart and vision as the old one, but we shortened it, clarified, and tried to better capture the heart of what we do at New Moms today:
Expressing the love of God by surrounding young moms and their children with all they need to transform their lives.
Inherent in our mission statement are the deep tenants upon which we exist:
  • Expressing the love of God: Staying true to our faith roots and motivation for service
  • surrounding young moms and their children: We focus on the unique population we have served for the past 32 years
  • with all they need: We lift up our distinctive New Moms’ model of holistic, wrap-around services
  • to transform their lives: We acknowledge the tenacity and courage that the young moms we serve exhibit as they make changes and create their own stories
If you watch our publications closely you’ll see our new branding roll out over the next few months. We hope it helps you – the important community of donors, volunteers, advocates, and neighbors who are part of New Moms – to better understand our work and the amazing way you impact lives of young moms and their children by coming along side of us.
Thank you for your commitment to our mission and for believing that young moms have great potential to transform their lives and those of their children! Your continued support of New Moms helps to make this transformation possible.

With appreciation,

Laura Zumdahl                                                                                                                                                                        CEO & President

Posted on December 12, 2015

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New Moms is proud to be a subgrantee of the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) program and a member of REDF’s national portfolio.