Transitional Housing

Front Door of the Transformation Center on Chicago Ave.

New Moms’ Transformation Center (TC) in Chicago provides up to 2 years of transitional housing for young mothers ages 18-24 and their children who are experiencing homelessness. The Transformation Center boasts 40 fully-furnished, private apartments that can house up to 40 moms and 50 children at a time—which makes New Moms the largest provider of housing for young moms in Chicago.

Playground in the interior courtyard of the Transformation Center.

New Moms takes a “housing first” approach, which affirms that providing a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment to call home is the foundation of youth development and family well-being. Each family at the TC has their own fully-furnished private apartment, access to in-building laundry, playrooms, Wifi internet, and an individual Family Coach.

Families at the TC can choose to engage with any of New Moms’ resources. Together with their Family Coach, families may choose to participate in any of our program services, including prenatal education, birth coaches, peer support groups, and other parenting resources and tools. With the stability of safe and stable housing, the partnership of their coach, and a positive peer network of other moms in the building, young families can focus on their goals for individual and family health and well-being.

Experiencing homelessness or housing instability in the city of Chicago?

1. You MUST visit an Access Point for assessment (click here for Youth Access Point list for ages 18-24) (click here for Access Point information for ages 25+)
2. Visiting an Access Point puts YOUR NAME  on the waitlist for ALL Transitional Housing Programs
3. In addition, you must visit the CHA website and register for a PBV (Project Based Voucher) here. IMPORTANT: For a CHA PBV, you must select that you are a 2 PERSON HOUSEHOLD in order to see and select NEW MOMS 

***New Moms does not maintain a site-based waitlist.

Chicago and Suburban Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Standard Privacy Posting:
This notice describes how New Moms, as a part of the HMIS Collaborative, will use and protect the information about you and your dependents that is entered in HMIS and your rights to decide how your information is shared. The policies stated in the Standard Agency Privacy Policy Notice can be amended at any time and a draft will be posted at least 30 days prior to taking effect. Please read the full Standard Agency Privacy Practices Notice here regarding the Western Suburbs, and here for the Chicago HMIS Privacy Policy.

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