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Founded in 2007, Bright Endeavors is New Moms’ Social Enterprise– a not-for-profit organization, designed using business principles but with a social purpose in mind.

At Bright Endeavors, participants gain critical on-the-job experience, while producing high-quality products, which generate revenue for New Moms. Bright Endeavors manufactures eco-friendly candle and spa products through Dreambean eco home & bath and Good Glass Chicago, our sustainable candle refill product line for restaurants, events, and special venues.

Transitional Jobs and Leadership
New Moms’ participants complete 8-week hands-on transitional jobs at Bright Endeavors, manufacturing and marketing sustainable soy candle and bath products in a small-business setting.

While at Bright Endeavors, participants rotate through several positions—gaining experience in the fields of manufacturing, inventory, packing and shipping, bookkeeping, marketing, customer service, and product development.

Team lead and trainer positions at Bright Endeavors are staffed by New Moms’ participants whose leadership capabilities qualified them for the roles.

A Green Endeavor
Bright Endeavors products are “green,” using recycled and reclaimed glass, sustainable soy wax, and other eco-friendly ingredients.

Not only are Bright Endeavors’ products environmentally friendly, they also teach our participants about global citizenship—encouraging each participant to take a look at her consumption habits and their environmental impacts.

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