Olivia’s Story

‘New Moms helped to open doors for me – doors to be a great mom. Everything I was looking for New Moms offered it at some time.’

Olivia was homeless and staying in a shelter from the time she was 3 months pregnant until the night she gave birth to her baby girl, Giselle. She had been sleeping on friends’ couches trying to avoid living in a shelter. Her aunts told her that she had to go into a shelter because if she didn’t the state would never know that she needed help… click here to read the rest of Olivia’s story.

Tonya’s Story

‘I want my daughter to live a better life than what I wanted to pursue…’

‘I was incarcerated while I was pregnant – it was very tough.’ Tonya came to New Moms after being released. Before she was incarcerated she was running with the wrong crowd. ‘I got kicked out of my mama’s [house] when I disrespected her.’

But at New Moms she found an opportunity to make a change… click here to read the rest of Tonya’s story.

Debrea’s Story

Debrea, 23, came to New Moms as a mother of 2 young children. She was out of formula and learned about New Moms could help. She shares, “I went to New Moms to pick up the milk and they were like, ‘hey! Do you want some pampers?’ – they gave me pampers. And then they were like, ‘We have a job training program that we’re starting a new cohort for next month and if you’re interested we could sign you up.”

Click here to read the rest of Debrea’s story.

Tina’s Story

Tina applied to join New Moms’ Workforce Development program in early 2013. She had a newborn daughter, and was looking for support, in order to grow professionally and become a role model for her new baby girl. She came to the program hoping to learn job skills, but also how to juggle motherhood with the working world.

Although Tina explored other career paths throughout her time in Workforce Development, she kept coming back to… click here to read the rest of Tina’s story.

Monet’s Story

When Monet came to us with her three-year-old son, she was homeless.  A high school dropout, Monet had a huge chip on her shoulder.  She felt like everything in her life was negative, including her relationship with her son. After applying to be a part of our Workforce Development program, Monet failed a drug test—postponing her enrollment.  She didn’t want her son to play with other children, but she didn’t want to spend time with him herself, eitherclick here to read the rest of Monet’s story. 

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