New Moms innovative Transformation Center Housing (TCH) program provides comprehensive housing and supportive services to homeless adolescent parents (aged 18-24) and their children. New Moms’ model housing program serves 40 homeless adolescent parents and up to 50 children in a single-site, single-family apartment model.

New Moms provides a “one-stop shopping” approach to two generations, which is the best practice model for homeless youth families.  As a resident of the Transformation Center, participants receive critical supportive services, including intensive case management, life skills and parent coaching; workforce development and job skill training opportunities, access to our co-located quality early learning center; and external referrals for additional support and services. We provide homeless parents the opportunity to make positive life changes, work toward self-sufficiency, and develop strong parent-child relationships in a nurturing environment.  Our focus is to equip families for independent living.

Pregnant and parenting adolescents may approach New Moms at any time to request services.  As single-site, single-family apartments in our facility become available, New Moms works within the Chicago Continuum of Care for Homeless Services and the Central Referral System, as well as through the Chicago Housing Authority to fill apartments.