New Moms partners with young moms and their children who are experiencing poverty and homelessness.

We provide critical services and coaching around housing, job training, and family support for families in Chicagoland. In our programs, young moms define goals and cultivate their inherent abilities while building a strong foundation that will lead to long-term family well-being.

It’s not easy for the families that come to New Moms. Prejudice against adolescent moms, institutional and systemic racism against Black and Brown people, and disinvestment in communities of color create overwhelming obstacles for young moms to overcome.

Parenting is hard. Parenting without a stable home, financial security, or community support is even harder.  New Moms exists so young moms do not have to do it alone. Our impact is generational – it’s exponential – it’s beautiful. Join us in this essential work!

New Moms’ mission is to strengthen families by partnering with young moms as they progress towards housing stability, economic mobility, and family well-being.

We envision a future where every young family thrives.


Believe in the Power of Love

Everyone is made in the image of God and are worthy of unconditional love and respect. New Moms is a caring community where young moms can find a safe place to heal, grow, and build a strong foundation for the future.


Be Gritty

We partner with resilient, young moms as they navigate choices, face systemic barriers, parent, and take courageous steps to accomplish long-term goals in pursuit of their dreams.


Nurture Powerful Connections

We nurture powerful connections that promote learning and growth, strengthen relationships, explore spirituality, and seek the well-being of all. We offer hospitality to ensure that everyone is welcomed and finds a place of belonging.


Imagine Audacious Possibilities

Every young mom and child who comes to New Moms is full of possibility. Through our work, we dream big and partner with families to accomplish great things together.


Normalize Equity

Every person must be treated fairly and justly. We recognize the impact of systemic racism and injustice on our community. Inspired by our Christian heritage and compelled by the moral imperative to leverage our organizational power for the good of our neighbor, we are committed to building a future where equity is the norm.

*Photography courtesy of Ren’s View Photography and Jaclyn Rivas


New Moms (Chicago)
5317 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60651



New Moms (Western Suburbs)
206 Chicago Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60302

New Moms is the proud winner of the 2020 Alford-Axelson Award for Nonprofit Managerial Excellence!

2022 Platinum Seal of Transparency

Charity Navigator 4 Star Charity