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MaidPro employees including New Moms Job Training alum, Luz (back left).

Are you looking for motivated, well-prepared employees? Graduates from New Moms Workforce Development (Job Training) Program have hands-on job experience and professional skills to succeed in your business.

Why Partner with Us?
Employers partner with New Moms because our graduates are equipped with the skills and motivation required to perform at high standards: they are enthusiastic to work for you!  Our rigorous program has many benefits to your business:

  • Reduces your employee turnover by supporting our graduates with additional, post-graduation job retention coaching. 
  • Improves your hiring process and hiring timeline as we pre-screen for a highly qualified and motivated workforce.
  • Graduates are tailor-matched with the job requirements, culture, values and interests of your specific workplace and the open role.
  • Trained graduates come prepared with the professional skills and hands-on experience needed in a variety of industries. 
  • Graduates equipped with important life skills so that they can effectively plan for and balance their parenting and employment goals and priorities. 
  • Trains the workforce with financial capabilities, job-specific literacy and numeracy skills, and educational opportunities so your employees have the educational resources to succeed in your business. 

Choosing to hire New Moms’ graduates benefits the well-being of the community. As our graduates gain work experience they move toward economic independence and become stronger role models for their kids and other women and families in the community. As a partner in this work, you help to construct the foundations for stronger and more solid families and communities.

Read about some of our current employment partners Maidpro, Rush, and Venture Imports, LLC. — on our blog!

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Employer Partners

New Moms employer partners are companies that partner with our Job Training program to employ recent New Moms’ graduates. Thank you to the wonderful businesses who support New Moms participants, as well as working to further the well-being of their communities!

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New Moms (Western Suburbs)
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