Executive Skills Approach

Strong Executive Skills development can unleash the potential of young kids, parents, and communities. 

Everyone has Executive Skills – the brain-based capabilities that act as an “air traffic control system” to help us organize things, plan things, and get things done. This basic architecture of the brain begins to develop before birth, with its largest period of growth in early childhood through adolescence. Emerging scientific evidence shows another period of rapid brain development when people become parents – this period of time is a huge opportunity for re-wiring of the brain. 

New Moms embeds this knowledge into our multigenerational service model, supporting young moms and their kids as they strengthen their core life skills and set the foundation for well-being.

In 2016, New Moms, with support from The Annie E. Casey Foundation, piloted this Executive Skills approach in our Job Training program. The pilot was extremely successful for both coaches and families, and now is a core practice of all New Moms’ programs. Read more about our pilot in the Executive Skills Pilot White Paper and the expansion of our Executive Skills-informed services in our Executive Skills Implementation below.

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