Our programs provide holistic care that surrounds our mothers and their children with all the support they need to break out of an ongoing cycle of poverty, homelessness, and dependence. They are designed to embrace and care for each individual as a whole and provide service to two generations—teaching not only our mothers, but also their children the skills needed to lead a stable, secure, and happy life. 

Each program welcomes our clients without judgment, and helps to create real transformation in their lives by extracting and bolstering the strength and grace within, showing them that they have the potential to create a beautiful life for themselves and their family. We teach our mothers that they have the capability—and the right—to not just survive in this world, but to truly, and wholly thrive. 

New Moms (Chicago)
5317 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60651




New Moms (Oak Park)
206 Chicago Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60302

New Moms is proud to be a member of REDF’s national portfolio.