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Shondrial’s Story

“My name is Shondrial and I was a participant of New Moms Residential Program in 1999. I just wanted to say thank you to New Moms for allowing me in the program and teaching me some valuable lessons. I was introduced to New Moms at the age of 19 as a single parent of 2 small children. I moved to Chicago not knowing anyone there but my children’s father, who began hitting me for no apparent reason. I was scared and began calling different shelters for help. One of the domestic violence shelters gave me the phone number to New Moms. My dream at that time was to be a chef. So staff helped me get enrolled in Chicago Community Kitchens. New Moms also helped me find a job in my field and helped me learn how to budget my money. After I moved on from the program, staff even helped me find my first house to rent. I then moved from Chicago to Atlanta in 2001. I am now married to a good man who loves me and my children. I have a career managing the legal department at a law firm here in Atlanta. My husband and I have had 2 more children and bought our first home earlier this year. The lessons I’ve learned from New Moms are “never give up” and “always try”. Thank you all for helping me and my family. New Moms has truly made a difference in my life and I love you all for that.”