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Social Enterprise

New Moms’ innovative social enterprise, Bright Endeavors, is a critical component of our Job Training program. Shop our handmade products that light the way to new possibilities for young moms and our communities.

Gaining Confidence and Skills While Getting Paid

Bright Endeavors is where New Moms’ mission truly shines. Behind the company’s popular collection of artisanal scented candles are motivated moms in our paid job training program. Young moms in the program are learning comprehensive skills, gaining confidence, and forging their career paths through integrated classroom training and on-the-job experience. Participants are paid throughout the program and practice their skills in a safe and supportive environment that prepares them for external employment.

100% of Bright Endeavors proceeds go to New Moms nonprofit programs providing housing, job training, academic coaching, and family support for young moms facing barriers caused by systemic poverty.

We are proud to be part of a nationwide social enterprise movement to transform communities through practical, hands-on employment training. Click here to learn more about employment social enterprises like Bright Endeavors.

Interested in joining our job training program? Click here.

Support Our Social Enterprise

Bright Endeavors’ candles “light the way” for young families and the revenue from the sale of all products goes directly back into New Moms’ programming. Learn more and purchase your candles below.

Hire a Graduate

Interested in hiring a graduate of our Job Training program? Become an employment partner! Click below for more information.