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Professional Development Drives Equity

The Hub @
New Moms

New Moms believes in sharing what we’ve learned. Over the years our work with young women to access and enhance their executive skills for better problem-solving and decision-making has had an impact on their lives. It has also provided us with insights and a training approach that other human service agencies, foundations and social enterprises can put to use. Through The Hub @ New Moms, your team can leverage our best practices and drive equity through change.

We envision a future where every family thrives. 

New Moms engages with young moms and their children using our Executive Skills Approach.

Everyone has Executive Skills. These are the brain-based capabilities that act as an “air traffic control system” to help us organize things, plan things, and get things done. Beginning to develop before birth, its largest period of growth is in early childhood through adolescence. Recent evidence suggest that when people become parents there is also a huge opportunity for re-wiring of the brain.

Does your work impact children, young adults and parents?

You may find using our Executive Skills Coaching strategies and best practices can inform and infuse your work to impact your outcomes. 

Is your organization committed to driving racial equity, too?

By improving their “air traffic control system,” your constituents increase their abilities to work within the community, the workplace and the family to break down barriers to success. As an organization, we challenge the systemic barriers and racism that inhibit economic mobility and family well-being among communities of color, integrating and applying promising practices into programming, infrastructure, and engagement with families. Increasing your team’s opportunities and coaching them on these skills through the lens of racial equity can also provide the opportunity to empower all.

Learn about the brain and behavioral science of Executive Skills Coaching.

Apply newfound knowledge to programs and partners with families as they successfully set and pursue their goals

Connect with peers committed to racial equity, family-centered goals, and community well-being

From Concepts to Results

Who is this for?

The Hub is all about sharing the knowledge, skills and practices we’ve gained with other organizations dedicated to human services. Since 2019, New Moms has trained over 150 human service professionals across 15+ organizations on this successful, customizable coaching method that works for a variety of populations and program structures. You gain specific skills following a proven approach that includes skills, coaching, goal tracking and incentives adapted to your organization’s situation and environment.

Looking to move from concept to results for your team?

evidence-based training for programs

Why Us?

The Hub @ New Moms is evidence-based training and consulting. You gain skills and coaching that has been tested and driven by data – and results.

Want to discuss the data and resources the approach is based on?

Developed to meet your program where you are

Where do You start?

By evaluating where you are currently on the road to an Executive Skills Coaching mindset and practice, we develop your training package to meet you exactly where you are. The base of every package aims to increase executive skills knowledge and the knowledge of the SMART goal framework. 

New Moms’ Learning and Innovation leadership staff incorporates diverse learning methods into each workshop including:

  • active discussions
  • individual and group self-assessments
  • reflective break-out groups
  • role plays
  • case scenarios
  • short audio segments, and
  • interactive technologies such as live polling. 

The training/consulting can be done in person or virtually.

Want to discuss how your organization can leverage our Executive Skills Approach?

Next Steps


Read our Executive Skills Implementation Case Study to learn when, how, what, and why we built the Executive Skills Coaching approach.

Download a Toolkit

Download our FREE Executive Skills practitioner toolkit so you can begin to apply Executive Skills Coaching ideas and strategies in your own work and programming.

Join a Workshop

Register for one of our upcoming workshops and connect with peers learning about Executive Skills alongside you.

Let’s Chat

Contact us to set up a brief free discovery call where you can learn more about designing an Executive Skills Coaching training package that works for your program and team’s time, budget, and interests.