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Bright Endeavors Corporate Experience

Join our mission through this unique experience co-led by young moms in our job training program. Through the art and science of candle making, you will see first hand how innovative practices, informed by brain and behavioral science, help everyone build a strong set of professional skills at any stage of their career.

Experience is around 2 hours in length. Available for groups of 5-15 team members.

What to Expect

  1. STORY OF NEW MOMS | Learn about the work of New Moms and Bright Endeavors.
  2. TEAM LEARNING | Experience a mini professional development workshop based on brain and behavioral science.
  3. CANDLE MAKING | Learn how to make candles directly from moms in our programs.
  4. DEBRIEF | Bond with your team over your takeaways.


Bright Endeavors is located in the neighborhood of East Garfield Park at 627 N. Albany Ave., Chicago, IL 60612. 


For scheduling and suggested donation details, please reach out to Jane Rasweiler at