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Amber’s Story

As part of our 2022 Valentine’s Day Celebration, young moms in our Academic Coaching program were asked to write love letters to themselves and/or to their children. Here are Amber’s letters in her own words:

Write a Love Letter to Your Children

To my children, my daughters, without you all I’m nothing. Everything I do is for you. I will keep going. I won’t give up. I am here through it all. Sick, hurt, happy, sad, mad, I’m here and always will be. Your pure little hearts. I can’t wait to see who you will become. You can do anything you put your mind to. You are beautiful and intelligent and just know I love you and always will.

Write a Love Letter to Yourself

To me, you’re strong. You have a good heart. You’re the best mother you can be. Your heart is pure and you love hard. Though your days get harder, have faith in yourself, put your best foot forward, and go get what you want. Your kind, sweet, and loving. It will pay off soon.