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Be an interrupter of poverty

Interrupting the cycle of poverty and giving young moms the opportunity to create strong families – this is what New Moms is all about.  The stories of young moms who come to us for support are marked with poverty and are deeply affected by violence in their environment – they are survivors of second-hand trauma. 63% had mothers who themselves were teen parents. They are in a generational cycle that has very often trapped their parents and grandparents. BUT THERE IS HOPE. We see it every day when a young mom changes her story by taking steps to interrupt this cycle and pursue a life characterized by safety, stability, and hope for her future. Each young mom is surrounded by a loving New Moms community and holistic services where they can heal and develop mental, emotional and spiritual health while building a strong foundation for their family.  This fiscal year, support from our donors allowed New Moms to expand services into the near western suburbs of Chicago. We implemented innovative practices in our housing, job training, and family support programs to continue offering the best evidence-based services and serve more young moms and children – over 500 this year alone!  We are energized to give more young moms an opportunity to interrupt the cycle of poverty and transform the future for a new generation.
We excited to share our new logo! The new look will help us visually represent our work, mission and shared values more effectively. When you look at the new logo, we hope it reflects two things:
A VISION FORWARDWe need your help to move the vision of New Moms forward, deeper and wider. As we end fiscal year 2017, be an interrupter of poverty and help us raise $40,000. Your gift will invest in creating strong families for generations to come.I am grateful to share that thanks to an anonymous donor, any new recurring donations will be matched for the next fiscal year! Join us as we interrupt the cycle of poverty for two generations and give hope to young moms and their children by making a gift today.