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Daja’s Story

For Black History Month (February 2022), Daja was asked to tell us about a milestone she was proud of accomplishing. Below is her answer, written in her own words.

“My biggest goal in life was finishing college. I got pregnant at the age of 18, [I was] homeless, no money, and much more. I was crying, always worrying about how I was gonna provide for my son. I had to do everything myself. It was hard finding a job because a lot of people weren’t hiring woman, pregnant, and unstable. I eventually found a job working at Denny’s and that was my start.

I am the intelligent, smart, bright young woman I am today with the help of my son and peaceful surroundings. Ever since I started working at Bright Endeavors, it has been nothing by non-stop love. Ms. Cathy and Mrs. Natisha are like guardian angels to me, they have gave me works of wisdom and courage, despite all my obstacles. They have made me a better woman, friend, and employee. I learn something new from them every day, without their help I would be so lost so I love them dearly and I appreciate them in every way. My coworkers have shown me a lot as well. We have created this safe space for one another where we can hang out, talk, lots of laughter, it’s such a beautiful energy and vibe. It makes working here 10x better.

As we follow into Black History Month, let’s remember all the intellectual, intelligent, gorgeous, Black women that helped raise us, guide us, mold us into who we are today. We as a unit of Black moms raising our daughters and sons to grow up and appreciate the skin we are in, the minds we have taught, the manners we have equipped, the words we have digested into our children to become bigger and better than what we are, and as we stand beside them all be proud because the future started with us.”