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Nancy Godinez Spencer, Treasurer

Nancy’s banking career has spanned 25 years guided by the purpose of making people’s lives better, businesses thrive, and strengthening the communities we serve. She currently leads a team of bankers for Huntington Bank. In addition to her core responsibilities, Nancy has held several leadership positions across Huntington’s colleague resource groups, including Chicago Women’s Network and presently our corporate Hispanic Business Resource Group, 400 members strong.

Nancy is an alum of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she majored in Finance and minored in Spanish from Universidad de Granada in Granada, Spain.

Why I Joined…

“I joined as board member in 2017 because New Moms’ mission aligns with my passion and core values of providing equity and opportunity for all families to thrive. Since 1983, New Moms has expanded to support young families throughout Chicagoland with its programs (Housing, Job Training and Family Support). New Moms’ approach has yielded extraordinary results, but as the events of 2020 and the current year have proven, the impact to our most vulnerable populations cuts deeper. Join me in supporting this crucial mission to empower a family’s life by giving of yours.”

Fun Fact…

Nancy wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.

“I wanted to be a teacher, yet always interested in business – I was a finance nerd. Today, I am fortunate to teach financial literacy to our underserved communities and coach fellow colleagues to empower our emerging entrepreneurs.”