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From Pandemic Languishing to Impactful Living

Event Description:
New Moms Associate Board invites you to a virtual panel discussion and networking event. Fight the languishing you’ve been experiencing at work and at home during the pandemic! Join our panel of leading professionals in Chicago as they discuss how we can all be intentional citizens.

Sometimes a career or professional ambition doesn’t offer obvious opportunities to contribute to positive change. But you have the potential to make a difference! Gain insights about how you can look at your own professional journey with fresh eyes and see new ways to make an impact for good in your community.

Following the panel discussion, there will be a Q&A between panelists and attendees. All attendees will have a chance to win multiple raffle prizes, including gifts from New Moms’ social enterprise, Bright Endeavors!

Full Recording:

Click on the tabs below to read the full bios of our three panelists.