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Help build the foundations of hope.

YOU make it possible for young moms to have hope.

And when I say hope, I mean that kind of hope that has weight to it.
The ‘I know I can do this’ kind of hope.

Young moms at New Moms set goals every day. These goals can be as simple as reading a book a day to their child, or as daunting as finding their first job. Every goal that is accomplished creates a foundation – one that is marked by possibility and amazing potential to be great moms, raise wonderful children, and have strong, stable families.

Two years ago, Darri moved with her 3-year-old son and infant daughter into an apartment at New Moms Transformation Center, a 2-year transitional housing program. She set a goal, committing to herself and her children that she would find stable employment and housing by the end of the program. With her intention set, she was motivated to action. She began with New Moms Job Training program, gaining key professional skills, and worked with coaches to find employment opportunities in her field of interest—early childhood development. Darri networked and took any daycare job she could find, at one point commuting one and a half hours across the city just to work for one hour. Despite the inconvenience, she recognized “If I put myself in a specific place, it might lead to something else.” And she was right.

Through her connections, she eventually found employment at a local daycare. The director quickly recognized her potential and put her in charge of her own classroom. Darri accomplished her first goal and with the support of New Moms staff, located a three bedroom apartment where she moved this spring, ensuring her children would not face homelessness again. Darri’s accomplishments are the result of hard, dedicated work – and what it looks like to have hope.

A goal sets an intention, which triggers motivation, then drives action and builds momentum until the goal is accomplished. And when a goal is accomplished, confidence is built and possibility becomes reality. This is the foundation of hope.

Darri knows she can do this. She can provide for her family. She can have meaningful employment. She can pursue her dreams. She can be a great mom.

You make this happen when you support the work of New Moms.

At New Moms, young moms like Darri find the support they need to accomplish their goals. Many have experienced homelessness and the traumas that come with poverty. Your support of New Moms ensures that a young mom is surrounded by a team of coaches, who foster spiritual and emotional healing, encourage growth, and equip her to accomplish her short and long-term goals.

Creating strong families is hard work, but the outcome of that work is hope that sustains. This year, we served more than 800 young moms and children, and opened our new Oak Park Center & Clare Place, offering housing to 18 more young families. The crisis of parenting youth experiencing poverty continues to persist and the work of New Moms remains critical to ensuring families have access to the resources they need. Because of you, we are able to surround more young moms and children with all they need to transform their lives.

As we come to the end of the 2019 Fiscal Year on June 30 we need to raise $25,000 to meet our budget. Will you give a gift to New Moms that ensures young moms, like Darri, can do that hard work of building foundations of hope? Your generosity is critical to the lives of young moms and children at New Moms. I am so grateful for you and the hope that you instill in our families.

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D.
President & CEO

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