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How Britany Made It Possible

POSSIBILITY – It’s a core value at New Moms, and so important to believe as we meet young moms with amazing potential at a time in their life when they often feel the pressures of poverty weighing on their vision of a future full of opportunities.

Britany had straight A’s in high school and graduated top 10 in her class. Soon after high school, Britany’s mother passed away and she was left homeless, sleeping at a different friend’s house every week.

Britany moved to Chicago for a program where she could earn 31 college credits. After her stellar academic record, she wanted to continue on her path of learning. “I found out I was pregnant the week before I started my program and prayed to God that this wasn’t going to break me.”

Not long after giving birth, she was referred to New Moms for housing. Britany received a call and moved into her own apartment at New Moms. “My apartment is way better than going house to house.” Britany lives with her 9-month old son, Noah.

Britany just celebrated her 21st birthday, has stable housing, and is interning in the IT department at a Fortune 100 company in downtown Chicago. “I’m a living testimony,” she says. Britany’s time at New Moms is allowing her to focus on the great possibilities that are before her.

Imagine audacious possibilities with me for a moment. Imagine that every family experiencing homelessness has a safe home this winter, gainful employment, and a community of support to help them grow as parents and build a strong family.

Your support of New Moms helps to make these possibilities real for hundreds of young families every year. With plans to build an additional 18 units of permanent supportive housing in 2018 that will provide safe and stable homes for young families, we see how imagining audacious possibilities can lead to tangible and transformative outcomes.

In this season of Christmas, we have a real reason to hope and believe that our generosity to each other can help make audacious possibilities a reality. We invite you to make it possible for young families, like Britany’s, to find homes, jobs, and family support at New Moms by giving a gift that transforms the future for generations of youth, giving them lives full of possibility and hope.