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Join us for our Latest Coffee Chat!


Wed., Feb. 9th at 12:00pm


Enjoy a robust conversation between Laura Zumdahl, CEO & President of New Moms, and Dr. Craig Mattson from Trinity Christian College on the subject of spiritual capital — its significance in the workplace and how New Moms embraces it.

Meet the Author:

Dr. Craig Mattson is a rhetorician at Trinity Christian College, and he studies how messages work, how they form relationships, how they create worlds, and how they open possibilities. Recently, he has been studying corporate rhetorics of social responsibility—rhetorics that work collectively, extra-personally, and communally. “Although we tend to think of Christian engagement in late-modern society on an individualistic basis, Trinity compels me to think collaboratively, to practice disciplinary border-crossing, and to constantly seek out the strong but subtle connections that appear wherever humans congregate. I think it’s a significant part of the Christian scholarly vocation that we make these connections apparent.”

Mattson conducts teaching and research at the intersections of business and activism, with special attention to minority-led community-based organizations. His two most recent books focus on workplace wellness and community development. “There’s an enormous explosion of socially minded companies out there at the moment, and I’m finding that they’re the kinds of companies our students love to work for. I’m curious about the best ways to build not only better conversations within these organizations, but also wiser collective problem-solving across all sorts of cultural lines.”

“I go for runs. I read novels aloud with my son. I play basketball with my daughter. I work in and around our backyard raised beds with my wife. I’m actively involved in my church.”