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Juanita’s Story

Juanita is 21 years old, with a one-year-old son.  Since coming to New Moms, her life has been anything but ordinary.  While learning to take care of her newborn son, Juanita was enrolled as a full-time college student, and worked part-time with a security company, while her mother cared for Juanita’s son, in the apartment they shared.

Six months ago, Juanita’s mother passed away unexpectedly.  Unable to afford to pay rent on her mother’s apartment by herself, she and her son moved in with her grandmother, and together, they coped with their devastating loss.  Determined to succeed and provide a better life for her son, Juanita began working extra hours, and now lives in her own apartment with her son.

She plans to continue college in the fall, with a long-term career goal of becoming a social worker.  Now, she wants to work with families in crisis who are dealing with grief.  “New Moms really gave me a support to fall back on.  Losing my mother made me realize how important it is to be a good parent.”