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Keanna’s Story

Hear from Keanna about her time enrolled in New Moms’ Job Training program as a production assistant at our social enterprise candle company, Bright Endeavors.

“I came to the Job Training program of New Moms, at Bright Endeavors because I had heard through social media how positive the program was and a family member referred me in the past. But after being displaced from my home and job, I finally looked into it.

At Bright Endeavors, I am learning to maintain a professional demeanor at work and response inhibition. The goals I have are to find a career that I am proud of and excited to go to back to, and owning my own home. I am working towards these goals by dedicating my free time to researching jobs, applications, and budgeting and saving my money.

I hope to return to school in the upcoming spring, because by then I should have a stable job and adequate childcare for my son.

I am growing as a mother by praying every day for patience because my baby is still growing and learning and some things take time. And in this fast paced world I want to take time to appreciate him and his growing process.”