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Latisha’s Story

Latisha was newly married and pregnant with her first child when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her doctor referred her to New Moms so she could have extra support while battling cancer and becoming a mom for the first time.

She said joining prenatal support group and working directly with a New Moms doula – a specialized coach that supports moms through their pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period – helped her focus on her pregnancy. She said it would have been hard to keep a positive attitude with everything going on if she didn’t have others accompanying her.

Latisha is now the proud mother of two girls, Luna and La’Rayna, and has been in remission for three years. She is 24 years old, and as part of her dedicated to being the best parent she can be, she is currently partnered with a New Moms Family Support Coach. She said she has stuck with the program because she is always learning something new. New Moms is a great resource, she said, because coaches work directly with young moms to meet their specific needs whether it be housing referrals or potty training advice.

Right now, Latisha is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom and raising her girls. Her future goal is to set up a catering company with her husband that they can eventually leave to her children. She previously worked as a chef and wants to break into the food truck and pop-up restaurant scene. She’s been experimenting with vegan and heart healthy cuisine in preparation but her favorite type of food to cook is breakfast food.

To other stay-at-home moms, Latisha says remember to “take time for yourself” and that “you can still learn.” She said being a mom 24/7 is impossible, and in order to stay strong moms need to love themselves too. “How can you give love if you don’t know how to love yourself?” Latisha said.