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LaToya’s Story

LaToya was 22, her daughter was two years old and her son was five when she started our Job Training program in 2015. LaToya and her children were living with her aunts, while she worked at Taco Bell. After two years she had risen to shift manager, but wanted to work in a professional environment with career growth.

At Bright Endeavors, LaToya excelled in her work, and got to take part in special events, like being interviewed on “The Chew,” and joining CEO Laura Zumdahl in receiving a $25,000 check! LaToya said Bright Endeavors taught her to “use the measuring of candles as a balance. It’s similar to how I’m trying to balance my life,” and how the daily appreciation practices taught her to “use the appreciation and take it far. I go to my aunts now and tell them how I appreciate them for taking care of my kids. Learning to appreciate things is an important life lesson.”

LaToya finished the program early when she was hired at Value City Furniture—where she’s been ever since! Starting as a customer service representative, LaToya went on to be assistant manager, and now a sales manager.

LaToya’s message for current participants: “It’s a tough program but if you’re determined you can get it done. Don’t give up, don’t lose focus, and don’t lose hope. Once coming out of the New Moms program it will help you and your children for the better in the future. There’s definitely a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”