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Meet Andrea.

Andrea was homeless when she came to New Moms with her baby, Jasmine. She had moved from shelter to shelter, each day hoping for a door to open that would lead to something better.

Then the door to an apartment opened at New Moms. Andrea found a safe home where she could breathe. She began to make a plan, with the support of her Family Support Specialist. Andrea had lived under the stress of poverty and was determined to show her daughter that life could be better.

She had never had a job, but Andrea knew that the future of her family depended on her courage to face the unknown, develop her skills, and find employment.  At New Moms, every young mom – like any parent – faces their challenges with GRIT – a deep determination and perseverance for long-term goals. It’s because of your support that Andrea can believe in the possibilities of a job and stability for her family. For 35 years, you have made it possible for over 3,000 young moms, like Andrea, to find stable homes, good jobs, and become great parents! You have helped families interrupt the cycle of poverty.

Andrea joined New Moms job training program and developed critical professional skills. She wanted to prove herself, and she did. She quickly displayed leadership, holding herself and her peers accountable. She set goals and worked hard to achieve them. Her work experience at Bright Endeavors, New Moms’ social enterprise candle company, set her up for success. Today she can proudly say she is employed full-time at the United States Postal Service!

Andrea is building the foundation for a strong family. Her life and leadership will give Jasmine the example she needs to reach for new possibilities.

This Christmas season at New Moms, we see the power of ‘yes’ for a future that is not yet seen. When New Moms began 35 years ago, no one could have imagined how the lives of so many would be transformed. Because a faithful few said ‘yes’ to helping young families, we have seen thousands of lives transformed.

Will you say ‘yes’ again? As we approach the end of 2018, we need you to continue making this transformation possible in the lives of young families. We need you to believe in the long-term goal of transformed families who, in turn, transform their communities.

And thanks to a generous donor, when you say ‘yes’, your gift will be matched up to $20,000! Your impact will be multiplied, not only because your donation is matched – but because you are investing in two generations of youth, like Andrea and Jasmine, who now have the tools they need to flourish and lead their families out of poverty.