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Milena’s Story

This is the transcript of a speech given by 17-year-old Milena at a recent participant celebration. Less than a year after giving this speech, Milena obtained her GED certification, and passed her Certified Medical Assistant licensure exam!

“My name is Milena. I’m 17 years old, and a teen mom to a 1-year-old son. When I was pregnant, I heard about New Moms from a friend, and started coming with my sister. She is 19, and also has a 1-year-old son. We started with the New Moms Parent Support Groups, which really helped me a lot, emotionally and economically. Right after joining Parent Support Groups, I joined the Academy of Professional Development (now known as the Job Training program).

When I joined the Academy, my goals were to get a job, and to go back to school. My plan for myself was to grow as a mom, and to grow economically as well. I had wasted enough time, and I was ready to get back on track with my life. All the way through, the staff of the Academy, and my case manager, helped me to accomplish my goals.

I now go to school for my GED, and I am taking classes to become a Certified Medical Assistant.  My long-term goal is to become a Neonatal Nurse, since love to help new moms with their babies.

After finishing the Academy, I have job experience, and I feel well-prepared to continue working toward my goals.

New Moms has impacted my life in many ways, and I am thankful that I came across these wonderful people.”