Monet’s Story

When Monet came to us with her three-year-old son, she was homeless.  A high school dropout, Monet had a huge chip on her shoulder.  She felt like everything in her life was negative, including her relationship with her son. After applying to be a part of our Workforce Development program, Monet failed a drug test—postponing her enrollment.  She didn’t want her son to play with other children, but she didn’t want to spend time with him herself, either.  As a result, he was disengaged from the world, and “hyper-vigilant”—never sure of his safety. Monet was angry at the world.

New Moms’ staff approached interactions with Monet from a strengths-based perspective—praising and encouraging Monet whenever she exhibited a positive behavior.  Within weeks, Monet was less confrontational, and we saw her self-confidence begin to build.  Within a few months at New Moms, Monet has made extraordinary changes in her lifestyle and behavior.  She began engaging in Parent Support Group, and received an award for perfect attendance.  Staff helped Monet to enroll in a GED program, and she agreed to complete a substance abuse treatment assessment.  Once she produced a clean drug screen, Monet was enrolled in our Workforce Development Program, to help her work toward her goal of becoming a chef.  She looks forward to enrolling in a culinary arts training program through Inspiration Kitchens, once she has completed her GED.

Monet has become an attentive, engaged mother.  She interacts positively with her son, who delights in playing with other children.  It is a true joy to see her playing and laughing with her son.

After she turned her attitude around, Monet did something nobody expected—she wrote thank-you notes to staff and participants who had helped her along the way.

We see young women like Monet every day at New Moms.  They have been abused and ignored by their communities, and although they come to us for help, they live in fear that we will turn them away.  Instead, we approach every participant from a strengths-based perspective—acknowledging her strengths, and helping her to build on her assets.  As we encourage Monet to make positive changes in her life, she feels empowered to work toward her goals, and build a stronger relationship with her son.

Posted on January 5, 2018

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