New Moms is pleased to welcome Gail Davis, Lori Dimun, David Rintz, and Nick Brunick  to our Board of Directors! Each brings impressive leadership experience to their new roles and the desire to serving young families. Thank you, Gail, Lori, David, and Nick, for choosing to add your gifts and talents to the New Moms community. We look forward to working with you!

Open the accordion rows below to learn more about each new member and why they decided to join our Board of Directors.

Gail Davis

Why were you interested in serving on New Moms’ Board of Directors?

As a single mother who raised a now successful daughter with the love and support of family, I know what impact an organization such as New Moms can have on the development of a mother and child. I believe the experience I have in my current position at my place of work relative to Board Governance, and my passion to help others put me in a position to work and serve New moms with a greater purpose.

Lori Dimun

Why were you interested in serving on New Moms’ Board of Directors?

I deeply admire the multi-generational and multi-service strategy of New Moms. As a mother who has received unconditional support from my own family and community, I feel drawn to volunteer and create support for moms who may not have been as fortunate in their personal maternal journey. I am interested in serving on the board to both contribute my skills as a nonprofit executive, as well as to grow in my capacity and understanding of the needs and challenges facing this next generation of mothers in our city.


David Rintz

Why were you interested in serving on New Moms’ Board of Directors?

I was introduced to New Moms when we built the Oak Park center and Clare Place a couple of years ago. Over the course of that project, I got to learn more about what New Moms does and had the opportunity to work with several of the team members (Laura, Pam, Bonnie, Jenna). Their commitment and passion for the work they do made an impact on me and from that, I felt a need and desire to help where I could. The hard work and efforts of the New Moms team makes it easy for me to take my support to the next level by taking this opportunity to serve on the board.


Nick Brunick

Why were you interested in serving on New Moms’ Board of Directors?

I believe deeply in the mission of New Moms for a number of reasons. One, I grew up in a loving family and in a community with access to good opportunities, and today I am blessed to be married with a family of my own (3 daughters and a 1 son) and living in Oak Park. I want to support New Moms’ efforts to assist and create opportunities for young families to thrive. Two, I want to act on my faith values and I think that New Moms creates an opportunity for me to do so. Three, I have spent many years (in both my professional and civic lives) engaged in efforts to address issues of poverty, economic development, housing, education, and equal opportunity. I think New Moms is doing great work in these spaces and I would value the chance to contribute to New Moms mission.


Posted on July 23, 2021

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