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Our Response: The Fight Against Racism

Over the last days and weeks, we have witnessed the horrific tragedies of the unjust loss of Black life at the hands of authorities whose chief role is to protect and defend. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor – their names must be spoken – and they are only the most recent lives lost after decades of injustice. In the midst of a pandemic already exposing the deep disparities experienced among Black and Brown communities, these acts have ripped open bleeding wounds causing deep unrest.

Our nation is in pain, the city we love is in pain, and the moms and children we serve at New Moms are in pain.

Our work at New Moms is deeply generational. We have always focused on the profound and lasting change that comes from empowering 2 generations of youth, moms and their children, as they courageously follow their dreams and lead their families out of poverty. But I want to be crystal clear, the families we serve – majority of them Black – have suffered under systems that have been designed to perpetuate inequalities and disparities in their communities and families. The need for New Moms to exist is deeply connected to the impact of long-standing systemic racism and inequality in society.

To fully live into our mission at New Moms, we must be committed to challenging the systems that have oppressed the Black members of our communities for generations. We reject the continued disinvestment in Black neighborhoods and the devaluation of Black lives. We stand in solidarity with our participants, staff, and our communities and declare that Black Lives Matter and that we will continue to fight against racism that seeps into so many aspects of our lives.

We must do this together, lifting up the inherent value of the lives of the Black women and men in our communities. We must listen to, and learn from, the voices of people of color. And we must do the work to change ourselves and our communities in pursuit of the dream of the Beloved Community we hope to see fulfilled.

As the President & CEO, I am committed to leading this charge to the best of my ability. And I invite you to partner with us in championing the value and worth of the young Black lives we serve at New Moms. Your prayers, support, and willingness to listen, learn, and change are meaningful contributions to this critical work.

Grace & peace,

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D. President & CEO