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Poverty is Expensive…

It may seem counter-intuitive, but in reality, Poverty is Expensive. Poverty looks like: Hopelessness for families who can’t find a safe place to sleep at night A 19-year-old mother who didn’t graduate from high school, is struggling to find a job and has a baby who’s dependent on her Generations of families never rising above cycles of unemployment, gang involvement and drug use Decisions made out of desperation, leading to unstable, dangerous communities Poverty increases costs of police, government dependence, mental health and foster care services, and more.  It costs ALL of us more. Your support of New Moms helps the fight against poverty with a model of transformation that makes economic sense.
Thank You! – LaToya

When we fight poverty, amazing things happen. We see LaToya, a recent graduate from New Moms Workforce Development program, on a path towards self-sufficiency. She has a full-time retail job, and has already been promoted to assistant manager-providing stability and resources for herself and her son and daughter. But most of all she has hope, knowing the cycle of poverty stops with her. It’s been a particularly challenging year with the Illinois State budget impasse, which has left New Moms without 20% of our funding.  

Will you help us raise the $25,000 we need before our fiscal year end on June 30? Join us in this fight and make a gift today – providing hope and transformation for two generations of youth.