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Renewed Hope

There are powerful moments in our lives where a helping hand can make the difference between hope and despair. With this support we can work towards a brighter future.

Brooke came to New Moms looking for comprehensive support during her pregnancy. She had previously experienced two miscarriages and had her concerns dismissed by medical professionals. “It’s hard being a black woman and giving birth because of medical racism […],” Brooke said. “I was just extremely nervous about everything.” Brooke wanted to have a safe and peaceful birthing experience, and that led her to New Moms.

Brooke was partnered with a dedicated support team, including a Family Support coach, a counselor, and a doula — a specialized pregnancy and birth coach. She trusted each member of her team to give her helpful, well-informed advice about her motherhood journey. Her New Moms team was there for her in some of her most vulnerable moments, like attending doctor’s visits, and teaching her ways to navigate depression and anxiety. They helped Brooke prepare for labor, walking her through what to expect before, during, and after birth.


Brooke and her husband, Ben, are now the proud parents of almost two-year-old daughter Cataleya, who they named after the strong and durable Cattleya orchid — a fitting symbol of the strength they’ve shown as a family after experiencing so much pain. 

Brooke and Ben have renewed hope and are excited for the next chapter of their story. Brooke encourages other moms to reach out to New Moms. “That’s the best decision that [a young mom] could possibly make for her[self] and her child,” said Brooke, who has been partnered with New Moms for two years now. “The fact that she would seek out help and support, and she can receive it from New Moms, is one of the best things that could possibly happen to her.” 

New Moms exists so young moms, like Brooke, experiencing poverty and homelessness can find support as they face overwhelming circumstances. With this support, they are able to prepare for significant life moments like becoming parents, getting their first apartment, and finding a job. New Moms helps young families build strong foundations and find hope for their future.

As we approach the end of 2021, we need to raise $200,000 to continue to be a source of renewed hope for the young families we partner with. And thanks to a generous funder, all new and increased donations will be matched up to $30,000! 

Would you give a gift this year to help us meet the match and multiply your impact? Your gift will help young moms find peace and hope while building a thriving future for themselves and their families. We hope you join us, and wish you peace during this season of renewal. 

Season’s blessings,

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D.
President & CEO