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Sabrina’s Story

What would your child say about you in twenty years?

For Mother’s Day, we asked moms who attend our Pizza & God group to reflect on their lives with their children. As part of a writing activity, they each looked forward to imagine their future relationship with their child. Below is Sabrina’s response in her own words.

In 20 years, Zyaire will be 22 years old and I hope this is what he will say about me:

My mom Sabrina is the best mother in the world. She always strives and works hard to make sure my every need and want is taken care of. My mom is first my mother and forever my friend. My mom loves me unconditionally and I’m forever grateful and honored to have her as my mom. My mom is strong, fierce, and fearless. She always knows what to do and say at the right times. There’s no limit to the things my mom would do for me. She has my back and I got her front.