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Thank You for Supporting Operation Santa 2022!

Since 2020, holiday celebrations have looked a little different here at New Moms. For three years now, Operation Santa has allowed New Moms’ holiday gift program to grow stronger, better support families, and involve more people, fostering the strong CONNECTION to our community that is integral to our mission and vision. This year, over 80 volunteers participated in Operation Santa, with ages ranging from 10 to mid-70s. We watched as multiple generations, as well as families and businesses, came together to surround our families with LOVE and to create lasting memories together. 

Engagement Specialist Jane Rasweiler reflects on community support for Operation Santa: “Our volunteer sign-up filled so quickly, it was unbelievable! People were really enthusiastic about coming out to support Operation Santa. I felt that when they were working with us opening boxes and packing gifts—performing an actual labor of love—they felt a true connection to their community.” 

Operation Santa experienced another record-breaking year in gift donations. This year, 2,092 gifts were donated from the registry and another 250 were dropped directly to New Moms! That’s 2,342 total gifts you generously donated — and the most we’ve ever received!

We want to sincerely thank everyone who participated in Operation Santa. Volunteers, donors, and supporters like you help champion what is most important this holiday season: love, connection, and the endless possibility of young families in our programs to create a thriving future in the new year. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Enjoy our scrapbook: