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Tracy’s Story

For Black History Month (February 2022), Tracy was asked to tell us about a milestone she was proud of accomplishing. Tracy is a recent graduate of our Job Training program and accepted a position at New Moms as a temporary outreach specialist. In her role, she helps recruit and enroll other young moms to our supportive programs. Below is her answer, written in her own words.

“A milestone I accomplished that I’m proud of is starting school and a new, better-paying job that I actually enjoy at the same time. [Plus] being able to manage both while being a mom of two. [I am proud of] putting myself in a program that helped me focus on what’s important and giving me more structure in my days by day life and possibly future. [I’m] gaining more responsibility and learning how to balance them. What really made me proud is the transitioning how it only took a couple of months to fall into place. It was always something I wanted, and to see how it took off fast made me feel very capable of doing anything.”