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Vision for My Family

This has been a momentous year for New Moms, thanks to your support! Your donations have helped our mission advance in many ways, like through the launch of our Academic Coaching program. We’ve successfully enrolled 25 young moms who are now receiving coaching and assistance as they work toward accomplishing an associate degree. This investment in academic achievement will increase their earning potential by 47% over their lifetime and inspire hope for a future full of possibility!

Academic Coaching is just one part of the comprehensive approach New Moms takes to partner with nearly 300 moms every year. Your continued support makes opportunities like these possible. Mikah is currently enrolled in the Academic Coaching program. Her story is marked with resilience as she faced family instability and homelessness. When she became pregnant at age 19, her doctor referred her to New Moms. Since then, we have been privileged to partner with Mikah as she pursues goals to strengthen her family.

Mikah worked with a New Moms Doula and Family Support Coach who supported her through her pregnancy. At seven months pregnant, she signed up for the winter semester of college. Two months later, she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia, and just three days after, she started school at Triton College, majoring in psychology! Mikah is determined to complete her associate degree as fast as possible, with the ultimate goal to accomplish a master’s degree and become a therapist, providing mental health support in her community.

Sophia is always at the forefront of her dreams:

In partnership with our team, Mikah is pursuing her dreams while navigating the demands of parenting and being a student so that she can accomplish her goals for a thriving future for herself and Sophia!

You make it possible for New Moms to be a comprehensive resource for young moms like Mikah to pursue their vision for their families. As we approach the end of 2022, we need your help to ensure young families can always access the support New Moms offers and pursue thriving futures.

Your gift today is an investment in the future of thriving families and thriving communities. I hope you will join us to make this vision a reality.

Season’s Blessings,

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D.
President & CEO