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Ximena’s Story

Ximena was pregnant when she heard about New Moms from her counselor at Morton East High School. She joined our parent support group for pregnant and parenting Morton East students in May of 2021 because the other moms were just like her.

“They’re all teen moms – first time having a baby,” Ximena said. “We all have a connection because of our babies and how our bodies change.”

In July, Ximena was connected with one of New Moms’ doulas (also known as a birth coach) in preparation for the birth of her son. Ximena said she really liked her doula, Mary, because she worked with Ximena’s entire family. Mary even taught Ximena’s boyfriend breathing techniques so he could help support Ximena during labor.

Unexpectedly in August, Ximena had an emergency C-section and, after 17 hours of labor, gave birth to her son Mateo. She said she was in so much pain that they had to put her to sleep after the birth which meant she had to wait to hold her new baby. She was very happy to have the support of her boyfriend and his mother while in the hospital.

Ximena said her first days home were stressful because Mateo kept crying. But with the guidance of her New Moms support team, both she and Mateo have settled into their life together. Her doula helped Ximena understand the changes to her body and mood from giving birth.

“It’s a really nice experience to have someone to help when you have questions and ask how you’re feeling,” Ximena said.

With the support of her older sister and parents, Ximena started going back to class and graduated with her high school diploma in June 2022! She got to share the moment with Mateo, who is now 9 months old. Her goal is to start college and she’s figuring out what she wants to study.

To other young moms Ximena says, “It’s hard to have a baby but when you see your baby, you’ll know it’s all worth it. Live your life for your baby. Not every mom can have a baby and God gave us a baby for a reason.”