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Yashica’s Story

What would your child say about you in twenty years? For Mother’s Day, we asked moms in our Pizza & God group to reflect on their lives with their children. As part of a writing activity, they each looked forward to imagine their future relationship with their child. Below is Yashica’s response in her own words.

In 20 years, Amorion will be 21 years old and I hope this is what he will say about me:

My mom Yashica is a strong woman that I watched grow and become everything she said she would. I’ve watched her cry, laugh, smile, and struggle, but she still held her head high. She has always been there for me through good and bad. I love talking to my mother because she gives me sight of things I never knew about and always says the pros and cons of things. And when everyone is against her, she knows I’m always here and always will have her back. My mother is a warrior woman and someday, I will be able to make her proud of the man she raised. I love you mother.