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Year-in-Review 2022

With the knowledge that we only share a brief period of time with the young moms in our programs, we understand that each moment spent partnered with them is precious. In 2022, we made efforts to maximize our time together by deepening our model with innovative technology like the New Moms app, expanding our programming by launching a new Academic Coaching Pilot Program, and sharing our resources and model through The Hub. 

Each month brought new challenges, milestones, and goals for New Moms as we strove to ensure young families in our community could lay strong foundations for their futures. We sincerely thank each and every member of the New Moms community who helped support our mission in 2022. Read below to check out our top accomplishments of 2022!

Top Ten Accomplishments From 2022…

In January 2022, New Moms launched our Academic Coaching program, an intentional investment in the postsecondary persistence and achievement of young moms. The long-term impact will have lasting, positive influence on families and communities—leading to more mothers of color graduating from post-secondary programs and working in family-sustaining, living-wage jobs. In 2022 we had 25 young moms enrolled! While in this program, moms will receive monthly stipends, childcare support, and individual/group coaching (among other services) as they pursue their degrees.

“[Academic Coaching] has provided me with so many opportunities I never thought I could have. New Moms has genuinely changed my life for the better and I am so excited to see where it goes.” – Mikah,    Academic Coaching and Family Support participant

In early 2022, we piloted a new supportive coaching technology, the New Moms App! After two years of planning, discovery work, and partnership with the behavioral health software developer, Ayogo, the New Moms App is now part of the suite of tools we use in our coaching to accelerate young moms’ goal achievement.

New Moms launched The Hub! A core pillar of New Moms’ Strategic Plan is to fuel the national conversation and The Hub @ New Moms is doing just that! Over the past calendar year, they have trained over 500 practitioners representing over 150 organizations on the brain and behavioral science of Executive Skills, an essential way to highlight individuals’ strengths, deepen programmatic equity, and center on participant goals. The Hub has trained partners virtually and in-person nationwide, including in Portland, OR, Boston, New York, Denver, Nashville, Lancaster, PA, Scranton, PA, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

New Moms was able to grow our staff by adding 10 new positions this year! New positions include a housing program manager, a contracts and billing manager, an IT operations manager, coaching positions, and a director of policy. We are excited to expand our team in order to partner with more young moms in new and exciting ways each year!

Bright Endeavors moved into a brand new facility! They doubled their physical footprint and expanded their capacity to create their home fragrance products. On top of this, their organic business growth, coupled with a grant from the Justice Advisory Council, will allow them to grow the Job Training Program by 30% over the next three years. This means we will be able to serve several dozen more moms each year!

Bright Endeavors and Job Training teams finished the year at pre-pandemic enrollment numbers—21 production assistants in a cohort! The program expanded to include certificate training in manufacturing, entrepreneurship, customer service and sales, and partnered with Touch Gift Foundation to provide adult education onsite for moms that want to earn a GED!  Through a partnership with UMedics, moms can now also receive certification in First-Aid/CPR and Urban Emergency First Response. 

After nearly two years of remote or hybrid meetings, volunteering, and workshops, New Moms is fully back for in-person meetings and volunteer opportunities. We are thankful for your patience and care while we navigated our return to in-person events safely.

Operation Santa experienced another record-breaking year in gift donations. This year, 2,092 gifts were donated from the registry and another 250 were dropped directly to New Moms! That’s 2,342 total gifts you generously donated — and the most we’ve ever received! Along with gifts, we had an unprecedented number of volunteers show up to help out, totaling over 80 people!

2022 was a strong fundraising year, with several of our long-time funding partners making significant grants, including one of the largest general operating grants in agency history! Funding opportunities like these ensure our continued ability to help young families in our community thrive for years to come.

We are grateful to every volunteer, donor, and supporter in our New Moms community. Because of your generous support, we were able to provide 21,000 hours of job training and help place 66 young moms into jobs after graduating from our programs. We were able to offer 38,298 nights of shelter to 70 families, serving 284 young moms and 379 children. We could not have done this without you!