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Alicia’s Story

Since coming to New Moms, 19-year-old Alicia has dealt with a lot.  She came to us eight months pregnant, and after she delivered her daughter, she began coming to New Moms programming every day, learning new parenting and life skills to help take care of her daughter. After a few months, her mother died unexpectedly, leaving behind Alicia’s 8-year-old sister, Amara.

Alicia was devastated, but knew that she had to be strong for her sister.  She took over the lease on the apartment they had shared with their mother, and began the process to become Amara’s guardian.  Alicia spent time volunteering at New Moms’ front desk, hoping to gain customer service experience. She loves coming to New Moms’ Parent Support Groups, because she feels that they provide stability in her family’s life — and her sister is always welcome in our New Kids program, volunteering as a “junior leader” among New Kids’ infant-and-toddler clientele.

Alicia is now working toward a GED, and plans to take classes to get a nursing license, beginning this year.