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Angelique’s Story

Angelique is 3 years old. While her mother attends New Moms’ programming, Angelique attends New Kids programming. When she first began, she was very shy, and didn’t want to leave her mother’s side. Because she had grown up in chaos and homelessness, Angelique was hyper-vigilant, unable to relax. She had never spent time with other children her age. She couldn’t trust the New Kids staff, or anyone but herself. She was defiant when asked to participate in group activities.

Within her first few weeks, the New Kids staff recognized Angelique’s needs, and tried to make her feel safe, slowly integrating her into social settings with other children her age.

“We often see it in participants’ children,” explained a New Moms aide. “They haven’t been around other kid their age, and they have very poor social skills. A lot of them seem constantly on-edge, because they come from abusive or dangerous backgrounds. They don’t want mom to leave, in case she doesn’t come back. We have to show them that they are safe, then teach them how to interact appropriately with other kids.”

In the past few months, Angelique has shown great improvement. With encouragement from New Kids staff members, Angelique now talks and plays with other children. She is much more social, and loves attending New Kids, where she plays with her new friends. She is also communicating with New Kids staff members and her mother, letting her know when she is hungry, sleepy, or needing to use the restroom. Best of all, because of New Kids Parent-Child Interaction Times, delivered at the end of each session, Angelique knows she can count on her mother to return.

New Kids’ stimulating, age-appropriate programming has done wonders for Angelique. She is blossoming into a happy, emotionally healthy little girl.