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No one should parent alone. Become a Family Friend and support young moms as they lead their families into thriving futures!

When you become a Family Friend you commit to being a stable partner in the life of our families through a monthly gift. For as little as $10 a month, you can provide sustaining support to young moms and their children so they know they are not alone on their journey towards thriving futures.

Becoming a Family Friend is Easy!

Go to our donate page

We suggest you create a donor account so you can easily update your credit card and contact information whenever you need to! If you already have a donor account just click “Sign in”

Under “Choose Your Gift”, toggle the donation form to “Monthly”

Choose your giving amount from the available amounts, or click “Other” for a custom amount

Click “Customize Dates” if you want to be billed on a specific date of the month

Click “Give”!

*** Exciting update: You now can give a gift through ApplePay, PayPal, or set up a direct deposit from your bank account!

Family Friends play a vital role for New Moms families

Every family needs a friend who they can rely on for the big and little things that come up in their lives. Family Friends create slack in our lives–providing support, sharing a cup of sugar, or holding a baby so mom can shower. At New Moms, we create slack so young moms can move out of crisis and work toward their goals–offering housing, job training, parent coaching, and more. Become a Family Friend of New Moms today and help to create slack for young families.

As a Family Friend, you will receive exclusive updates and stories on the impact of your contribution

Why Become a Family Friend?

  • Have a multigenerational impact on young families at New Moms
  • Every $1 donated to New Moms has a $3.51 social return on investment
  • Provide stability for New Moms so that we remain a strong resource for young families