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Betty’s Story

Betty is 19, with a 2-year-old son named Leo. She came to New Moms in the summer of 2011, hoping to find a job.  She came to New Moms’ Academy of Professional Development with a clear goal to become an IT Administrator.  Throughout the course of her training, she looked diligently for employment opportunities in that field. Betty was offered a leadership position at Bright Endeavors, with the opportunity to apply for a rigorous IT training program, which she could complete using Bright Endeavors computers.

While leading participants through Bright Endeavors’ busiest time of year, around the holidays, she was accepted into I.C. Stars’ competitive and highly-regarded IT training program. As she worked, Betty developed self-awareness and self-confidence.  She discovered that, in addition to her interest in math and science, she had skills she didn’t even know about—including being very focused and detail-oriented, always seeking ways to improve efficiency. Sharing these processes with her coworkers at Bright Endeavors helped to improve production and efficiency.

Now, Betty is enrolled in the I.C. Stars program, and will work toward her Associate’s degree while completing a year-long paid internship with a large IT company. Betty is thriving in the new program—she recently let us know that she has been named “CEO” of her next group project at I.C. Stars.