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Coffee Chat with New Moms

Spiritual Capital

Enjoy a robust conversation between Laura Zumdahl, CEO & President of New Moms, and Dr. Craig Mattson from Trinity Christian College on the subject of spiritual capital — its significance in the workplace and how New Moms embraces it.

Fun Fact: New Moms is highlighted in Dr. Mattson’s new book Why Spiritual Capital Matters

Strategic Plan | Power to Thrive

Get the inside scoop on New Moms’ new Strategic Plan — Power to Thrive — during our next Coffee Chat! Join New Moms’ President & CEO, Laura Zumdahl, and Board Chair, Deborah Gillespie as they spill the beans and answer your questions about our new strategic plan.

Family-Centered Coaching

For June’s Coffee Chat, we talked about Family-Centered Coaching (FCC)! This framework is the foundation of everything we do to support young moms as they take powerful first steps toward economic mobility and family well-being. It drives our mindset and our practice! FCC affirms young families’ innate skills and strengths to engage them where they are right now, and partner together for long-term success. New Moms staff discussed what FCC is and how we implement it into our programs in a brief, casual Q&A over coffee or tea. Stay tuned to join us for our next Coffee Chat, and click below to watch the recording of Coffee Chat: Family-Centered Coaching!

Black Maternal Health

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, our second Coffee Chat with New Moms focused on the topic of Black maternal health. Click below to watch the recording of the webinar that took place Wednesday, April 14th. In a casual conversation and Q&A, New Moms staff discussed the unique challenges Black pregnant women and new moms face because of systemic racism in healthcare. Stay tuned for our next Coffee Chat!

New Moms 101

Join New Moms President and CEO, Dr. Laura Zumdahl, as she spills the beans on all things New Moms! Learn more about our work with young families in a brief, casual Q&A over coffee or tea on Zoom. Hear about our three main programs – Housing, Job Training, and Family Support – and our overall approach to supportive services for young mothers and their children.