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Connecting Candles to the World

Bright Endeavors’ participants hand-pour, clean, and package all Dreambean eco home and bath products as they gain job skills. But did you know Bright Endeavors also pours customized soy candles for restaurants, wedding and event venues, and large retailers likeĀ SERRV International? In March, participants poured over 1,800 candles for SERRV International’s handmade, Fair Trade home decor line. Participants learned where each of SERRV’s custom-made Fair Trade containers had been made – including Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India. After locating these countries on a world map, participant Shakayla exclaimed, “I am connected to places far away that I didn’t even know existed!” You can support participants’ expanding worldviews and hands-on job training by ordering your own Bright Endeavors candle online. Use coupon code NewMoms2014 to receive 20% off your first order!