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Danielle’s Determination

Danielle, 21, was 7 months pregnant when she arrived at New Moms this past April.  Just before finding New Moms, she had once again found herself homeless, unsure of the future of herself and her unborn child. Determined to find help for her soon-to-arrive child, Danielle applied for any support she could find – and then a call came through from New Moms inviting Danielle to live at the Transformation Center.

‘When I came here [New Moms], I wasn’t expecting anything, but everything was so nice! I got here and I could breathe.’

Quickly, Danielle began meeting with a Doula who helped her prepare for her upcoming birth. ‘I was struggling with depression during my pregnancy. My doula was a real support to me. She didn’t judge me at all and she was just there for me.’

Her daughter, Malaysia, was born in June, healthy and beautiful! Danielle loves being a mom and is motivated to give her daughter everything that she didn’t have.

Danielle now has a game plan for her life.  She is working at Noodles & Company and plans to save enough money to find a stable and safe home for her family. She also looks forward to continuing her education in cosmetology.

‘I used to only think I’d have temporary happiness every once in a while, but now I think I can really have a great life!’