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Eliza Melendez

Eliza has more than 25 years of business experience working with various organizations to enhance their performance through risk management, operational effectiveness, and enhanced governance. Eliza has a broad range of experience in financial services, having worked at Disney’s Partners Federal Credit Union and Wells Fargo, among others. Currently, she is an Associate Director with Protiviti, a global business consulting firm, on assignment contributing and learning in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Industries.

Eliza’s educational background includes a BA in Business Management with a minor in HR from Concordia University Wisconsin and an MBA from Liberty University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in General Psychology with an emphasis on Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Grand Canyon University. A Latina from Puerto Rico and Chicago area native, she loves reading, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. She spends any free time volunteering, involved with New Moms, Lawrence Hall, and America Needs You (ANY), or alongside her husband enjoying their newest season in life – empty nesting.

Why I Joined…

I am incredibly honored to be able to join the New Moms Board starting in January 2023. Serving on this Board has been a personal and professional goal. As a former recipient of New Moms’ services, my goal was always to find ways to come back and give back and, ideally, serve as an exemplar for those in the program. I desire to use my time, talent, and treasure to help New Moms continue its mission and to help influence and create programs and settings that empower and enable their families to thrive and be impactful in the communities where they live, work, and serve.

Favorite Quote…

“Sometimes you have to be an echo before you have a voice” – Rich Wilkerson Jr.

This quote was used in a church leadership context, but the sentiment still rings true in my situation. Sometimes you have to echo another leader before you have a “voice” and can lead on your own. I also took it to mean you have to have a teachable spirit before you can become the teacher.