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Instability, isolation, uncertainty. Every email, news story, and conversation with friends and family eventually finds their way to these words. In just a few short weeks, our lives have changed significantly. For many of us, this feels strange and new – like we’re navigating unfamiliar paths in very dim lighting.

But for our young moms, these feelings are anything but new. Every young mom comes to New Moms because poverty and homelessness have created instability in their lives and they have little support to lean on. They have no clear path forward. During these recent days, they have experienced even greater scarcity of support and care.

This is why New Moms exists. We offer hope, and shine a light on a path forward for young moms to find stability, gain a community, and grow in confidence and determination as they lead their families. Tabitha’s story is an exciting example of how supporting young moms helps to build strong families. 

After losing her job, Tabitha found out she was pregnant and soon became homeless. New Moms gave her a safe home to raise her newborn daughter and focus on her next steps.

New Moms gave me a stable place where I didn’t have to worry about safety, will I have heat, or all that other stuff. I had stability in my life while I was able to change my own life.

Through our Job Training program and her work experience at our social enterprise,                                Bright Endeavors, Tabitha learned how to communicate and receive feedback in a professional workplace. We connected her to a career development program called YearUp, providing skill training and a pathway to corporate internships with potential for placement. Tabitha embraced the challenging experience as a critical stepping stone to a long-term career path, and was offered a position at Northwestern Hospital in Research and Administration.

I was very supported by the New Moms staff.…I’m grateful for stability and I feel like if I fall down again…I know that I’m strong enough to get back up. I am more than what is going on right now and this ain’t the end of it. I can reach out for help.

After two years with New Moms, Tabitha has a steady job and career path, she has found a safe and stable home, and continues to focus on being a great mom to her daughter. Her next goals are to complete her bachelor’s degree in business and pursue an MBA.

New Moms is a critical support and resource for young moms who face times of instability and uncertainty. And now, as we weather the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need your help to continue to lean into our mission of surrounding young moms and their children with all they need to transform their lives. 

As we come to the end of our Fiscal Year on June 30, we are facing a budget shortfall of $90,000 as a result of cancelling our spring fundraiser, Kitchen Walk, and increased expenses from our COVID-19 response.

Will you make a donation to support young moms like Tabitha, so that they can find hope and see a pathway forward for their families?

With continued hope and determination,

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D. President & CEO

P.S. Remember the CARES Act expands taxable deductions for charitable giving for 2020. Your donation this year may go further!

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