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Kristy’s Story

In 2012, Kirsty was twenty-two with a four-year-old son when she entered our Job Training program. She was juggling college, working part-time, and caring for her son. It was exhausting, and even with the strong support of her loved ones, she needed an extra boost to push her through.

New Moms helped her to balance it all. She completed our Job Training program and earned her degree in psychology. Kirsty has been a supervisor since she graduated our program, and she’s taking classes to pursue her dream job in nursing! “New Moms keeps you motivated and encouraged,” Kristy said. “I am grateful to not only have the love and support of my loved ones but to be involved in a program such as New Moms.”

To other participants, Kristy said, “I encourage you to never give up, no matter how tough it gets – keep going.”