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Meet the Program Teams!

To celebrate National Nonprofit Day (Aug. 17, 2021), we highlighted the incredible staff at New Moms who work daily with the young families in our three programs – HousingJob Training, and Family Support. Throughout the day, we shined a spotlight on the different teams that partner with young moms and their children as they work towards achieving housing stability, financial security, and family well-being. Each team member works hard to support families who are taking important first steps towards thriving futures, and we’re excited to introduce them to you!


Meet the Housing Team!

Families that live in New Moms’ affordable housing units – both temporary and permanent housing – are automatically paired with a coach. Coaches work directly with young moms asking them to imagine their ideal future and helping them set personalized goals to get there. Families meet weekly with their coach throughout their time at New Moms to work on goals related to finances, employment, education, and more!

“Our Housing Team is passionate and dedicated to ensuring residents feel safe and connected to their coaches, so residents can set and achieve their goals.” – Melanie Garrett, Chief Program Officer

Last year, 88% of young moms moved out of our housing program into stable housing and 81% stayed in that housing for over a year afterwards. That’s 20% more than the national average!

Say hello to Carolyn, Cherise, Melanie, Paula, & Teneca—all vital members of the Housing Team who help make the goal of a stable home a reality for young families!

Meet the Job Training Team!

Our Job Training program employs young moms at our social enterprise candle company, Bright Endeavors, for 16 weeks as they develop critical professional skills. When young moms enroll, they are paired with a Supportive Employment Coach who works with them throughout the program and up to 2 years post-program.

Young moms and their coaches set and track personal and Bright Endeavors’ production goals daily. Goal achievements are then celebrated individually and together as a team with the rest of the moms in the program. Last year, 67 moms found permanent employment after graduating from the program!

“My team is comprised of loving and gritty women working together to meet our common goal of supporting young moms. We have the unique opportunity to see the power of daily goal setting and how it comes to fruition in the lives of our participants.” – Gabrielle Caverl-McNeal, Senior Director of Employment and Academic Coaching

Say hello to Ashlee, Candyce, Cathy, Erin, & Gabrielle, the rockstars of our Job Training Team!

Meet the Chicago Family Support Team!

Our Family Support program offers a wide range of options for young moms living the city of Chicago. Pregnant and parenting moms can participate in any or all of our services including – Doula (or birth coaching) Services, pregnancy support groups, personal coaching, and parenting support groups. Young moms partner with a Family Coach who visits with them at home to share parenting resources, child development tips, and more!

“I love the FSS Chicago team! We are comprised of talented, dedicated coaches who empower participants by forming strong connections and trust with each participant.” – Katie Wise, Family Support Manager.

Last year, we served over 700 young moms and their children and 77% are now practicing positive parenting skills and 55% said the program reduced their stress!

Say hello to the incredible Family Support Chicago Team: Andrea, Ayeshah, Katie, Luecendia, Magy, Olivia, & Precious!

Meet the Family Support Oak Park Team!

Our Family Support programs in the Western Suburbs of Chicago offer a wide range of options for pregnant and parenting young moms. Families who enroll meet weekly with a coach who visits them in their homes. Through their coaches, moms learn about their child’s healthy development, how to troubleshoot common parenting challenges like bedtime routines or potty training, practice parenting techniques to improve family well-being, and more! Home Visiting also includes Parent Support Group which is an opportunity to connect with other young moms and discuss their experiences and ask questions.

“What’s unique about our team is that we are very intentional. Each team member takes the time to get to know the families that they work with. We personalize and individualize everything we do so that young moms and their kids can prepare for the futures that they want. Our ultimate goal is to help build strong, thriving families in our community.” – Gail Shelton, Director of Family Support Programs – Oak Park

New Moms supports young families in Oak Park, River Forest, Cicero, Maywood, Forest Park, Berwyn, Bellwood, and Melrose Park.

Say hello to our awesome Family Support Oak Park Team: Gail, Jennifer E., Jenn R., Kimm, Lorena, Noemy, Ronnetta, & Shree!

Meet the Doulas!

The Doula team is a core part of our larger Family Support Teams! At New Moms, expecting moms can partner with our Doulas, coaches who are specifically focused on pregnancy, labor, and post-partum recovery. Doulas support and encourage young women as they prepare for birth and early parenthood. They also help moms navigate the confusing healthcare systems and share information about pregnancy, bonding, and options for breastfeeding.

“To be a doula and do this work, one has to be incredibly passionate. A baby can decide to announce their arrival 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and New Moms’ doulas are incredibly passionate and committed to nurturing powerful connections with each young parent that we support. We work together to ensure that no matter the time of day or night, pregnant and new parents know that in their hour of need, we care about them and there will be a doula ready to answer their phone call and support them on their journey.” – Mary Calderon, Doula

According to national research, doula presence at birth decreases medical interventions at delivery, and reduces labor complications. Doula-supported mothers are more successful in adapting to new family dynamics, have greater breastfeeding success, have a lower incidence of abuse, and lower postpartum depression rates!

Say hello to our committed and compassionate Doulas, Eusebia (Chevy), Mary, & Tia!